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37At CopperSmith, we want to make sure you make an informed purchase that you are confident about. This is why the process begins with a project estimator who comes to your home. This individual will list to your wants and needs so that you can be presented with functional and efficient options that work for your home’s architecture.

When you opt for a functional gutter system, you are ensuring that rain, as well as melting ice and snow, are channeled away from your home’s foundation. Water that pools around a foundation can infiltrate it and weaken it. Having a gutter system that is not installed properly can defeat the purpose, so we ensure that you are given the right options. Click here to request an estimate today.

A Thorough Estimate

It is very important that the decision makers are present at the time of this estimate. This will allow for any questions to be asked so there is no confusion. This also ensures that everyone knows what the options are and what will happen throughout the process.

After walking around the home with you and choosing gutter and downspout locations, you will be able to comfortably discuss the company, the installation process, and the products that are available to you. The project estimate will also take the time to answer any questions and concerns that you have about the gutter installation products and process. The entire process will take approximately one hour of your time.

Straightforward Estimate

The project estimator works with fixed pricing and will be honest and straightforward. When you work with them, you will find that they will identify something within your budget that also works with your home. In other words, you will be able to find a product that you are happy with. You can tell your project estimator what your budget is and what products you like. The goal is for you to be satisfied with what you receive. We don’t want anyone to have a gutter system that they are not happy with because of how long our gutters last, especially when they are maintained properly as gutters should be. Since you have to live with them for such a long period of time, it is important that you like them. We have installed more than 3,000 gutters in the Twin Cities with a high level of satisfaction with our process, our products, and our customer service.

Contact A Minneapolis Gutter Company

We want you to make an informed and confident purchase, which is why we at CopperSmith Gutter Company provide you with a free estimate that will help you make that purchase. You will find that our employees are highly knowledgeable in ensuring you have the proper gutter system on your home so that it is highly functional and looks great. To learn more about our gutter services, call our St. Louis Park office at 888-431-4677 to schedule a free estimate.

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I found CopperSmith Gutter to be very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. Ryan took the time to evaluate our needs, gave us several options to choose from and completed the work right on time. They Installed Gutters with a Cover that works Great. Thanks for making the process so easy and affordable!

Peggy Birchwood