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What You Can't See Makes All The Difference

18You may not be able to see them from the ground, but they are there – gutter aprons and gutter hangers. These are two components that are very important to proper gutter installation. In fact, they are what hold the gutters up and also prevent the gap between the gutter and the drip edge that can cause leakage into the fascia and down to the ground along the foundation.

At CopperSmith Gutter Company, we ensure that even the accessories are very strong and installed properly. Every single little detail is something we pay close attention to because one gutter hanger out of place could mean the difference between gutter success and gutter failure. Our Minnesota gutter installers are CopperSmith certified, which means they are highly trained in the standards of the gutter industry. However, we do everything possible to exceed those standards so that every customer is satisfied.

Gutter Apron Installation

Gutter aprons keep water from getting behind the gutters. Any time that water is allowed to get behind the gutter, this can lead to the fascia and the gutter sagging. This can result in a very expensive issue, which is you having to replace both the gutter and the fascia.

By opting for proper gutter installation from the very start, gutter sag and ruined fascia doesn’t have to become a problem. This translates into money saved by you because you won’t have to replace fascia and you won’t have to prematurely replace your gutter system. Also consider how proper drainage preserves your foundation and prevents leakage into windows and other area s of the exterior where large amounts of water are not meant to run off of.

Quality Gutter Hangers

The gutter hangers are also very important because they are what holds your gutters in place. Our hangers feature a special backing truss that is three times stronger than the industry standard. We just don’t meet industry standards, we exceed them. To some, gutter hangers may not seem like a big deal, but they are a major component of the entire system, so it is a must that they only be the best. One improperly placed or weak hanger puts stress on other hangers. Hangers that are installed 100% are going to secure the integrity of the entire system. That is how attentive we are to the work that we do.

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Since 2009, Twin Cities homeowners have turned to us to install quality gutters because they know we only use quality products. We simply do not throw a gutter on a home and expect it to do its job; there are components that ensure a gutter system is fully functional. To learn more about our gutter systems and our process or to schedule a free estimate, call our St. Louis Park office at 888-431-4677 today.

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