Custom Cut Miters That Will Never Leak

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Custom Cut Miters That Will Never Leak

43Seamless gutters are becoming more and more popular because of the fact that leakage is reduced a great deal. Our custom miters takes away the highly troublesome “box miter” and gives your home a leak-free miter that is made to fit your home.

The traditional box miter is a pre-made piece that can be picked up at any hardware store and installed on a gutter. The main problem with this is that the miter does not fit very well, which can lead to leakage. Box miters are typically made out of very thin aluminum and can be bent very easily. The other problem with the box miter is the seam that can eventually leak. Being that the miter wraps around a corner, a home could have as many as three seams in a single corner, making the probability of leakage much higher because there are more seams and joints.

The custom miter is the correct way to make a corner. This involves the gutter material being marked, cut to fit, and fastened together. This creates a very strong corner that also looks much neater and has less potential to cause issues as the gutter goes through heavy use and ages. Our Minneapolis gutter installers will ensure that each miter is customized to fit the specifics of the home. We don’t do “one size fits all” because no two structures are exactly the same.

A Quality Finished Product

It takes precise measurements to ensure that each custom miter fits each corner perfectly. We want the entire gutter system to look like it was made specifically for your home simply because it is made specifically to your home. Everything we do is custom. From the materials and colors that you choose to the cutting and molding of custom miters that will never cause you leakage issues, you don’t have to worry about us taking any shortcuts.

Eliminating Leaks

By doing everything possible through custom gutters and custom miters that eliminate leaks, your gutters become a high quality investment. The reason is because leak elimination protects other areas of the home’s exterior. The areas that are protected are those that can lead to a great expense if they are compromised in any way. For instance, gutters can protect your roof. If you didn’t have that protection, then the replacement of that roof could be very expensive. The same goes for foundation damage that results from leakage that pools on the ground. There are many ways that investing in a quality gutter system will save you money in the long-term, as well as prevent a wide range of frustrations for you.

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Our custom miters are another example of how CopperSmith Gutter Company takes a great deal of care with each and every job. Not every gutter miter is going to be identical, which is why it is customized to fit the specifics of your home. We don’t take shortcuts. To learn more about our gutter services, call us at 888-431-4677 and request your free estimate.


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