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Roof Snow Removal

Minnesota Roof Snow Removal Experts

Having snow on your roof can cause serious problems to homeowners throughout the twin cities. Many people attempt to remove the snow themselves. This is fine, but the risks are very high, and usually is best left to hire a fully insured & experienced company. Typically the snow on the roof snow is what causes ice dams to form in the first place. After a heavy snow, the easiest and most cost effective way to reduce the risk of serious problems and costly expenses associated with ice dam removal, mold and interior damage.

Obvoiusly this picture to the left is an extreme case of needed roof snow removal. But in Minnesota, it is not uncommon for us to get over 30-40 inches of snow in a short period of time. You let that amount of snow sit on your roof and you are looking at putting serious weight on the structure, along with the beginning of ice dam formation. Deep snow does an excellent job at insulating the heat on your roof, which comes fromĀ a number of things. Sun coming through the snow hitting the dark shingles and heat coming through the roof from poor insulation or venting.

Minnesota Ice Dam Prevention

The steps to ice dam prevention start with snow removal. From there, it is important to attempt to diagnose the problem and lay a solid foundation to keeping ice dams from forming in the future.

What are the Steps Minnesota Homeowners need to take?

There are some necessary steps that all Minnesota Homeowners need to take every winter to prevent damage.

1. Roof Raking- After every heavy snow, homeowners should rake the roof line above there gutters. 2-3 feet up from the gutter will be enough to allow the sun to melt and prevent the possibility of ice dam formation.

2.Insulation- Typically homes with poor insulation fall into the trap of ice dams every year. If your atticĀ  is warm, and you are getting severe heat loss, it will pass through your roof and melt the snow off your roof.

3. Venting- Poor insulation is bad, but combine it with In-proper venting, you are looking at more problems. You can have the perfect insulation, but without venting, it simply will not work.

Other preventative mesaures you can take are Heater Cap and Heat tape installation.

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