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Minnesota Rain Gutters

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Rain gutter installation is essential for diverting rain water from a home owner’s roof. This is one of the most obvious reasons for have a system installed, but the benefits are more extensive than this singular attibute. The following will detail the additional benefits that accompany the proper installation of a rain gutter system.

Protection of your Foundation

As water streams down from your roof and hits the ground, the concentrated flow may cause rotting to occur in the fascia boards allowing muddy water to enter your home. The streaming water can also create erosion about the home’s foundation that can easily lead to the degradation of the foundation and basement leakage. Rain gutter system that has been properly installed, water will be effectively diverted away from the ground about your foundation.

Water that accumulates at the bottom of a home becomes detrimental to the foundation in turn creating extremely expensive repair costs and residual damage within the interior of the home.

Prevent Leakage and Protect Walls

As rain flows down the exterior walls of a home, staining and streaking can occur. Additionally, the flow of rain can enter into any minute space causing doors and windows to become susceptible to rotting and leakage. The use of rain gutters will extend the life of the exterior of the home, doors and windows.

Beneficial to the Care of Plants

The flow of water from the roof of a house can cause a great deal of damage to a garden. The water does not need to fall directly onto the garden, the water will create a destructive path of its own. In conjunction with a rain gutter system, a water collection system can be used as a way for you to have a container of water for your garden on days that are particularly dry.

Preserves the Cleanliness of the Exterior

Rain gutters do not allow debris and dirt that travels along with the rain water to attach itself to the exterior of the home. The water is directed away from the walls, etc. of the home allowing your home to remain [virtually] dirt free, eliminating your need to consistently have to power wash your home.

Roof Preservation

Rain water that has been permitted to collect atop a roof for an extended period of time is able to create leakage that can enter the interior of the home. The use of rain gutters, allows the rain to be funneled away from the roof negating leakage via the roof, doors and windows.

Once leakage occurs it increases in severity until a collapsing of the exterior and interior ceiling becomes an inevitability. Replacing a roof, even partially, is an extremely hefty expense to undertake.


With the proper installation of rain gutters will ultimately save a homeowner frustration, time and money. Homes that are void of rain gutters open themselves up to interior damage in addition to exterior damaging. This is why it is more than imperative to have a properly installed, fully functional rain gutter system.


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